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Your passionate partners for printing and coating rollers

Your passionate partners for printing and coating rollers

4000 sqm plant area with well planned floor layout, modern machinery, disciplined working and best-in-class material handling are a few highlights of this bright manufacturing facility.

It also gives us the edge with:

  • Our 100% baseshells have ground finish.
  • Baseshell finishing on sophisticated CNC turning centres.
  • Computerised cylinder identification system with complete traceability.
  • Dynamic balancing for high speed printing.
  • Automatic plating lines.
  • Polishing on the most sophisticated CFM machine.
  • World’s leading engraving technology with Xtreme engraving.
  • Proofing with lamination.
  • Use of good quality raw materials and consumables.
  • ERP based working.
  • Safe and healthy work environment.
  • Environment-friendly processes.
Base Shell

Base Shell

NC based dual head turning centres (double hole making)

  • Capability of finishing base shell to maximum accuracy.
  • Custom built machine.
  • Capability of automatically making both bores simultaneously along with precise chamfering, side turning and radius forming.
  • It helps create perfectly aligned bores quickly in one go.

CNC Turning

  • Advanced CNC turning centres
  • Improved dimensional accuracy
  • Automatic diameter measurement through OLP-40 probe
  • Improved surface finish with specialised cutting tools

M.S. Grinding

  • Noiseless M.S. Grinding for smooth baseshell finish.
  • Eliminates use of emery paper and manual rubbing.
  • Use of regular grinding stone instead of M.S. Grinding wheels.

Cylinder Numbering

  • Dual head automatic alphanumeric engraving of unique IDs on base shells.
  • Helps in cylinder identification tracking and traceability of the cylinders.
  • Safe and quick engraving of numbers on both sides simultaneously.
Copper Plating

Copper Plating

  • Automatic copper plating line with shaftless cylinder mounting system producing consistent plating results.


Copper Grinding & Microfinishing

  • All cylinders are given the desired copper finish on a world class finishing machines including Daetwyler’s CFM 1610P Plus.


  • Four high speed engravers from HELL Gravures Systems, Germany.
  • All are equipped with Xtreme engraving technology and HQH Pro and fully automatic 3D testcut system.
  • We also have SprintEasy system to ensure accurate stylus angle measurement and great repeatability in engraving.
  • Precise control on engraving parameters.
Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating

  • High Shine chrome plating with industry standard hardness.
  • Plating chemistry to achieve a higher number of micro cracks.
  • Exceptional Chrome polishing on fully automatic machines with variable pattern and angles suiting to any application.


  • Standardised proofing on a variety of substrates as per customer requirements.
  • Color control through X-Rite Spectrophotometer.
  • Lamination is also done on proofing machines.
  • Standard light table to view the colors in standard illumination and color temeratur.
  • Physical inspection of each and every cylinder.

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